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At Gaylord Claims, we are a different kind of personal injury firm. We are a claims management and paralegal firm that associates with local lawyers to evaluate, negotiate and settle personal and auto injury cases.  We are a team of former insurance agents, auto claims professionals, and legal claims managers who have created a unique approach to auto injury claims handling; one that is structured specifically for your benefit.

With our in-depth knowledge of the insurance and legal industries – from selling auto insurance policies to evaluating personal injury case values for insurance companies, to negotiating and settling multi-million-dollar personal injury claims – we uniquely understand how the insurance claims process works because we have both seen and experienced it from every angle.  We apply this experience to aid our clients in obtaining more compensation for their auto injury claims.

This knowledge of the insurance process saves our clients time and ensures more compensation at the time of settlement.

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Our proven approach to claims handling is personal and provides serious results for serious injuries.

Insurance Agency Experience

While there are several areas that your insurance policy covers including general liability, personal injury protection, collision and uninsured motorist coverage; these “insurance” terms can be confusing especially understanding how they apply in the event you have an auto insurance claim and injury. We can review your auto insurance coverages and define what, specifically, your policy covers as it relates to your claim and provide guidance to maximize the benefits. We can offer suggestions of where your insurance policy may require revisions as well.  

We understand how insurance companies operate and we leverage this knowledge for maximum results.
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Auto Claims Experience

Our team consists of former auto claims adjusters who have evaluated claims for the largest insurance companies. This invaluable experience includes being trained from the inside to evaluate, negotiate and settle cases.  We know how they operate, how they utilize software programs to manipulate case values and how they leverage pros and cons to minimize case values. 

We use our knowledge of the auto claims process to create proven strategies to counteract the insurance companies' efforts and increase the value of your case.

Claims Management Experience
As former legal claims managers and paralegals, employed by local law firm’s we gained invaluable experience handling cases from “legal” or “litigation” perspective as well. We have fostered relationships with some of the best and brightest law firms in America; we leverage our network to help our clients maximize case values regardless of the injury, severity, or the complexities of your case.  By associating and affiliating with these lawyers, we can provide you with every possible benefit of personal injury management and representation. Additionally, we have cultivated a vast network of trusted providers in various specialties. If you are seeking a referral for specialty care (i.e. Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Hypnotherapy, PTSD Counseling, or other care) we can offer several providers for you to choose from. We believe that referrals for professional services are one of the highest forms of compliments that someone can receive; we carefully select who we choose to refer clients to.

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We have relationships with the finest healthcare providers in the Pacific Northwest. Each provider has a long track record of success offering dedicated and personalized care. We are proud of these relationships and invite you to learn more about our partners:

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