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jason gaylord
Jason Gaylord
Welcome To Gaylord Claims
Meet Jason

I’m Jason Gaylord, entrepreneur, personal injury consultant, claims negotiator, and CEO at Gaylord Claims. Over the past 20 years I’ve worked as a licensed agent and bodily injury claims adjuster for State Farm Insurance, founded 2 internet companies, conducted more than 12,000 customer surveys and have generally pursued my passions at every professional turn.

This blend of work experience provides me with a unique perspective when handling and settling high-end personal injury cases for our clients. I’ve got the passion and self-motivation to tackle any challenge and the insider knowledge and training to get superior results.

What I enjoy about being the CEO at Gaylord Claims is constantly learning, evolving and challenging myself both personally and professionally.

What I love is helping our clients get the maximum payout for their injury settlement. Injury negotiation combines knowledge, compassion and competition and ignites my spirit. I’m truly blessed to do what I do!

Away from Gaylord Claims I love sharing time with my family, my wonderful girlfriend, playing fantasy football, camping and riding my quad up and down the west coast, coaching my nieces and nephews in all of their chosen sports, and playing, playing and more playing!! Basically living as fun and youthful a life as possible!

This blend of work experience provides me with a unique perspective when handling and settling high-end personal injury cases for our clients. I’ve got the passion and self-motivation to tackle any challenge and the insider knowledge and training to get superior results.

What I enjoy about being the CEO at Gaylord Claims is constantly learning, evolving and challenging myself both personally and professionally.

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Meet Jessica

My name is Jessica Swan and I am Chief Operating Officer with Gaylord Claims. In this role, I look after all aspects of day to day administrative and operational activity with the GC team, ensuring efficiency
and customer satisfaction.

I am a big believer in success being driven by good leadership and enjoy working in an office that has a reputation for reaching high settlements, high satisfaction ratings and helping clients get the compensation they deserve.

Jessica Swan
Chief Operating Officer

Prior to starting employment at Gaylord Claims, I’ve had many Management roles and successfully conducted Operations and Financials, while leading my teams and driving revenue into the millions.

With education in the fields of Medical, Tribal Governance, Science and Business, while holding a Bachelor degree in Business from Arizona State University, I have worked for a diverse range of organizations, including small business startups, large corporations, private sector and non-profit.

In my free time, I enjoy camping in the beautiful Northwest, spending time with my family and friends,
my animals and crafting.

kiba updated
Kiba Mycon
Records Administrator
Auto Injury Advocates
Meet Kiba

Records Administrator by day, Rock Star by night. Hi, I am Kiba, your rock’n’roll records administrator here at Gaylord Claims!

I am a 25 year old identifying female who grew up in the car world as my Father owned a body shop for over 20 years. From working on cars to delivering car parts, you name it I’ve done it! That includes getting into nasty car accidents that are never, ever fun.

I met Jason through my cousin Patrice as he represented her severe boat accident in Edmonds back in 2018. She had referred me to him after I had gotten into my own. I was t-boned by a woman going over 55+ miles per hour as I was crossing an intersection with a green light. It was a miracle I didn’t walk away with more severe injuries. After settling as Gaylord Claim’s 5th case, I walked away with 30,000 tax free dollars instead of what might have only been 9,000.

I am happily working in my dream career, making sure your records and information are handled with the utmost care and safety as I know your pain as my own. You are not alone, recovery is possible, for we are here for you.

Fast forward to now, through hiring Jason for my case, Jason in turn hired me for my position in records administration as we share the same drive and views. Due to the severity of my injuries, I had been looking for a records admin position since the moment I was in recovery for my accident back in ‘19. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit.

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Meet Dakota

Hi, my name is Dakota Bueing. I am the Intake Specialist at Gaylord Claims and have a wide range of responsibilities to help our clients with the correspondence between insurance companies, adjusters,
and police departments.

My varied background in customer service and sales provided the perfect foundation for an office
setting, helping people, which I enjoy very much.

In my free time, I enjoy travel, physical fitness and spending time with family and friends

Dakota Bueing
Intake Specialist

I am Passionate about personal growth and its possibilities. Gaylord Claims provides services that help challenge me as there are many differences between cases that I have to execute duties on from day to day.

chad westvold gaylord claims
Chad Westvold
Property Damage Specialist
Auto Injury Advocates
Meet Chad

My name is Chad Westvold, the Property Damage Specialist at Gaylord Claims.

With a background of over 20 years of auto repair, parts specialist, auto certifications and customer service, I was confident in filling this role. The impact that an auto accident has on an individual can cause a great deal of grief and I strive to give the best experience to our clients through their tough times.

I am married with 4 children and I enjoy road trips, customization of cars and trips to the zoo in my spare time. Knowing how important these kinds of things are to most and how it’s valued, I make it a priority to help families get back into a vehicle as soon as possible.

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Meet Karla

Hello, I’m Karla Del Rio, Relationship Specialist for Gaylord Claims.

My background of office work, production, and customer service has given me much knowledge and experience to be able to perform to the greatest level of satisfaction to our clients.

When I’m not working, I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. I love spending time with my children and traveling to explore new places.

karla de rio
Karla Del Rio
Relationship Specialist

When trying to get a real understanding of their needs, I do my best to accommodate and find resolution for them. I play a big role with our Spanish speaking clientele.

charise calvert
Charise Calvert
Marketing and Social Media Coordinator
Auto Injury Advocates
Meet Charise

Hello, my name is Charise Calvert. I work behind the scenes at Gaylord Claims, managing social media and producing marketing and multi-media materials. I met Jason through mutual friend and client; after hearing about how diligently he was working to help her settle her claim, I wondered if I could help more people hear about Gaylord Claims. I started creating social media for Jason and my role has quickly evolved as Gaylord Claims has gotten bigger and better!

Most of my free time is spent helping others through a non-profit organization dedicated to those who experience homelessness and addiction. I recently was able to marry my best friend and we have an amazing toddler that keeps us on our toes. I have worked in a variety of fields including management of a large corporate food service company as well as numerous restaurants.

Helping people is my true passion in life and I’m super lucky to be apart of such an amazing team of people at Gaylord Claims who are helping people navigate a difficult time in their lives.

patty mattox
Patty Mattox
Claims Specialist
Auto Injury Advocates
Meet Patty

Hi, my name is Patty Mattox and I hold a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have always worked with children, and I was also a Spanish teacher for many years. I love inspiring and motivating others, especially the younger students. My dream job was to be a teacher or a lawyer. I chose working with children to help grow them in the best way possible. Now, working at Gaylord Claims as a Claim Specialist is amazing…not only because I work with an awesome team that really cares for others, but I also have the opportunity to help others in need.

In my free time, I love fishing, camping, road trips and spending time with my family.

jj bennett
JJ Bennett
Claims Specialist
Auto Injury Advocates
Meet JJ

Hi, my name is Jennifer Bennett. I am a Claims Specialist at Gaylord Claims. I come to the firm with a very diverse background of experience and education. I have worked for insurance companies selling life insurance and have worked in claims departments, as well as the mortgage industry and am currently a mobile notary.

I love helping people achieve their dreams and goals. I heard about Gaylord Claims from a friend and was eager to join their team. I knew working for this company would fall in line with my career goals of helping people, since that is my true passion.

In my spare time, I love to go "glamping" (glam camping) on the weekends with my family, boating and most of all, getting together with family to watch a good Seahawks game.

In 2017, I endured a horrific car accident for which I hired an attorney for, and trusted her to handle my claim appropriately. After 3 years of recovery from my accident and a handful of medical bills, my attorney decided it was best for me to settle with the insurance company after already paying her 35%. With all of the medical bills, I walked away with very little compensation and definitely did not have enough to cover the next 20 years of continued treatment that I will have to do. If only I had known about Gaylord claims and the great company it strives for and how they put their clients first. They are known for working hard on getting the best compensation that their clients deserve.

As a result of my own personal story, I fully understand and empathize with people about the pain and frustration that comes along with an injury and an accident.

I am excited to work for such a great company that shares my passion for helping people

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Meet Evan
I am a part of the Support Team at Gaylord Claims. I have lots of work experience in the field and a variety of other hands-on jobs, making me a great asset when it comes to completing tasks necessary to help smooth the process for our clients. My main role with helping at the office wherever needed and corresponding with insurance companies is satisfactory for me, as I enjoy helping people and working together as a team to reach our together goals.
evan gaylord
Evan Gaylord
Support Team

Outside of work life, I am a high school student at Woodinville High and enjoy playing football, spending time with friends, and listening and making music.

austin bueing
Austin Bueing
Support Team
Auto Injury Advocates
Meet Austin

Hi, I’m Austin Bueing and I work as part of the support team at Gaylord Claims. I have work experience in various tasks allowing me to grow and understand concepts rather quickly. I help ensure that our clients understand their process and help navigate their claim in a swiftly manner. As a member of the team, I enjoy helping within the office wherever and whenever I am needed to be of assistance.

I enjoy riding dirt bikes on a beautiful day, working out and skill training to become a better person in my free time!

Auto Injury Advocates
Meet Brian

Being a native of San Diego, CA, Brian grew up with a love of sports and a variety of outdoor activities. The importance of teamwork was impressed on him at an early age which later evolved into Varsity Roller Hockey. Following his graduation from high school at age 17, Brian enlisted in the US Army in October of 1999. He graduated from the US Army Intelligence Center and School in Ft. Huachuca, AZ as an Analyst and was assigned to the 1/14th Cavalry Reconnaissance Surveillance & Target Acquisition Squadron before he reenlisted a was assigned to 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), both at Ft. Lewis, WA where he “helped the good guys do things, in places”. During his military service, he also attended and graduated from the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy and the Basic Airborne Course before leaving the service in 2005.

Following his military career, Brian obtained extensive experience as a paralegal in the legal field, primarily in the areas of Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate and Real Estate. Additionally, Brian obtained his Property/Casualty and Life Insurance Producer’s License in Washington State. In these areas, he spent much of his time directly interacting with clients and assisting them as they navigated complex legal and claims processes.

Brian Bio Photo e1606264673358
Brian Bay
Operations Manager

Being the point of contact, often in more of a liaison role between client and attorney, he realized the importance of communication with the clientele.

Oftentimes, “fear of the unknown” is the most challenging obstacle that clients endure. Simply having a friendly voice to reassure them and keep them abreast of the status was paramount.

 The ability to cultivate relationships, establish a professional network and demonstration of a servant-leader mindset is what made him the best asset to help launch Gaylord Claims.

Brian currently resides outside of Mill Creek, WA. He is an avid Everett Silvertips hockey fan, enjoys snowboarding, hockey, and golf. He has goals of obtaining his USPA skydiving and private pilot’s licenses. He is also a member of a local masonic lodge and Scottish Rite out of Seattle, WA.

Client-Focused Approach

At Gaylord Claims, we put our clients first. We care about your case and treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve throughout the process. We set high standards for ourselves which is reflected in our track record.

“I worked with Jason at Gaylord Claims after a vehicle crashed into me. He was fantastic! He always had a positive attitude, and worked tirelessly to help settle my case. Jason was responsive to communication and easily accessible. He has a ton of knowledge about insurance and I recommend him without hesitation.”

Felipe M.
Lake Stevens, WA
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