Diminished Value
What is a Diminished Value Claim?

CarFax and websites like it have forever changed the way we purchase used vehicles.  It’s incomprehensible to think any consumer in today’s market would purchase a vehicle without one of these valuable reports.  Once your vehicle has the stain of an auto collision on it’s record, it’s value can diminish greatly creating an opportunity for you to lose money on the future sale of your vehicle.

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Diminished value claims are the amount by which the resale value of your damaged repaired vehicle is diminished. Simply put, a damaged vehicle, even if properly repaired, is almost always worth less than an identical vehicle that has not had significant damage. Would you pay the same amount for a vehicle that has been significantly damaged as one that was not? Do you think a car dealership is going to
discount your trade-in value when you trade your damaged repaired vehicle in?

You may have a good diminished value claim if:

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How Much is My Diminished Value Claim Worth?

The value of your diminished value claim is based on a number of factors, including: The value of your vehicle, the car damage condition, the amount of damage, the amount of structural damage or frame damage, and the desirability of your vehicle. The only way to truly know what the diminished value of your vehicle is to have it appraised by a qualified appraiser.

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Is It Worth Hiring Representation to Pursue My Diminished Value Claim?

Yes. Many insurance companies will refuse to pay a fair amount or any amount at all unless they are forced to. In Oregon, there is a statute that applies to diminished value claims of $10,000 or less. Under this statute, if I send a demand letter to the at fault driver’s insurance company demanding payment of $10,000 or less, they have 30 days to give an offer. If they do not tender an offer within 30 days or give an offer that I later beat, they are required to pay my attorney fees and filing fees.

Often times they will not tender any offer. If they do not tender an offer and I file suit after the 30 days, they are liable for attorney fees and court costs if I recover any amount for your diminished value claim. Once a lawsuit is filed, they oftentimes settle these claims as quickly as they can, as they do not want to get a big attorney fee bill from me.

I handle diminished vehicle value cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t owe us a fee unless we recover money for your case.

At Gaylord Claims, our team collaborate with car accident reconstructionists, medical experts and economic experts to establish the full value of your case.

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