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Personal Injury Case Builder Form

When you begin our personal injury intake process, you should be ready to tell us about your incident. Whether it was a car accident, slip and fall or dog bite, we want to hear the all the details and specifics. Be descriptive but keep the information relevant. This will help us to better assess your claim.


Step 5 - Starting a Pain Journal

Pain journals are useful documents that can help give a personal touch to your personal injury case. Effectively, a pain journal is a written record of any discomfort or pain you felt after performing certain activities in the days and weeks following your accident.

Have you started a journal regarding your specific injuries and pain?(Required)

Pain journals have five separate purposes:

  • First, to record any information related to your actual injuries. This information can help your doctor during your recovery.
  • Second, to record any information related to a potential future personal injury case. If, due to the factors of your case, you need to hire an attorney to negotiate for damages, having such a record can greatly help your lawyer with your personal injury claim.
  • Third, you’ll generally want to use your journal to preserve any evidence related to injuries you received as a result of the collision.
  • Fourth,any information you collect in this journal will be an essential part of your personal injury lawsuit (should such a suit become necessary).
  • Fifth, it will also demonstrate the extent of your injuries and damages, while also providing information on how long these injuries affected your life.

Example Pain Journal:

You have three basic choices for starting your own pain journal:

  • Write everything down on pen and paper.
  • Download an app that does the work for you.
  • Record the data and information yourself in a program like Microsoft Excel (my personal preference).

Each of these choices has various pros and cons, but the most important point is that you should choose the format you’re most comfortable with. After all, a pain journal is effectively worthless if you forget to fill it in on a regular basis.

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