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Step 6 - Detail Hobbies and Daily Activities?

Although you may be consumed with the business of work and your social life, these examples of fun hobbies and daily activities remain an important element of our daily lives and happiness. Participating in different types of hobbies and activities not only provides us with entertainment, but also with relaxation that helps with de-stressing, feeling happy, keeping fit and sane.

Here is a list of 101 hobbies and daily activities to choose from:

* You are not required to select any hobbies or daily activities.*

1. Antiquing
If you love interior design and décor, and especially if you fancy earlier time periods, antiquing may be the best hobby for you. It might not be the cheapest if you want to go well past the window shopping aspect of it, but by acquiring antiques you can create yourself a beautiful home filled with old handmade furniture and handicrafts which that have years of stories to tell.
2. Aquarium Keeping
Aquarium keeping, also referred to as fish keeping, is a type of hobby that can be creative and challenging at the same time. You not only have to decide which system you want to start—freshwater, brackish or saltwater—but, you have to pick the perfect fish and accessories to fill your tank. Though once the main setup is done, maintenance is easy and you can entertain yourself for hours just watching activity inside your creation. 
3. Archery
Beyond being an Olympic sport, archery can be a fun for any regular person too! It may take a moment to get adjusted to the bow and how to aim, but once you start to getting your arrows this hit their mark, you’ll be feeling so good and so excited to keep up improving your archery skills.
4. Astrology
Taking up astrology will give you a whole new meaning. to the question ‘what’s your sign?”. Even though this might be the most scientific pastime, studying stars and their positions, horoscopes and times of births, and everything else that is a part of astrology, to come up with personality charts and personal future predictions is sure to be interesting!
5. Astronomy
Are you interested in the sun, moon, planets, and stars? In astronomy, you study the whole universe outside of planet Earth. It is one of the oldest natural sciences out there and as a whole can be incredibly awesome, interesting and educational.
6. Auto and Body Repair
Are you crazy about cars? Do you fantasize about days spent under a popped hood, a torque wrench in hand and a grease rag in your back pocket? Auto body work, customizing and painting skills are valuable. For many these hobbies are also profit centers because as you know friends who know friends with automotive skills are always popular!
7. Baking
Of all the hobbies on the list, baking is undoubtedly the most delicious one as you’ll get to eat your yummy creations after each time. These days the Internet seems to have limitless amounts of recipes, so you’d probably never run out of things to bake, not to mention that you’re always welcome to create your own recipes!
8. Beekeeping
While beekeeping is one of those types of hobbies that unfortunately takes up quite a substantial financial and space investment to get going, it can also prove to be a unique and intriguing hobby to take on. Bees are also crucial for our ecosystem, so by beekeeping you’re actually doing a rather important job on top of having something really different to consume yourself with.
9. Biking
Biking is such a great hobby to have, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. Not only can the bike actually take you to the same places you might otherwise go by public transportation or a car, but it’ll keep you fit as you do so. On top of which you might also get some great scenery to enjoy during your bike ride!
10. Billiards
Though we may often liken the term to mean pool —which is considered one of the games filed under “billiards”—billiards actually includes a variety of games that are similar to each other, but are played on different kinds of billiard tables (including ones without pockets!) and with different sets of rules. You can play billiards, or at least pool, at your leisure in many bars around the world, but you may also want to try out variations of the game at billiard halls.
11. Birding
More commonly known as birdwatching, birding is all about observing birds in their natural habitats, often from afar with binoculars and equivalent equipment. However, birdwatching is also not exactly the same as birding, as birding specifically means observing birds to identify species and otherwise committing to some activities revolving around birds.
12. Blogging
Whether you host your own site or use a blogging platform like Blogger to post your own writing, photos or other media, you’re blogging. For creative people, especially ones with adoration towards writing about travel, fashion and so on, it can be a great way to be productive, let your creativity flow and even make some money. And who knows, maybe you can even turn blogging into a career like me! 
13. Board Gaming
Although the limitation to board gaming is that it’s a social hobby for the most part, it otherwise offers a whole lot of variation to what type of games you can play. For example, knowledge-based games like Trivial Pursuit, roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, and so on. Board games are also most certainly not made solely for kids but can be entirely enjoyable among a group of adults, too.  If you don’t know where to start, check out our Board Games Bucket List that has 50 of the all-time best ones to play.
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